AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management

The Diploma of Agribusiness Management provides farmers, farm business partners, farm managers and other land-based and rural business people with the skills required to make their business more sustainable.

Agribusiness Management is designed to develop and enhance a range of skills required for employment in the management of rural businesses. This course provides technical and applied business management knowledge, skills and abilities for careers in land-based/rural businesses.



Delivery Method
The program is delivered flexibly, so the learners can determine how quickly they work through the units and complete the program. The program is delivered using a blended learning mode. Blended learning means the student will access learning content and complete learning activities through a combination of modes, including:

  • IBT’s online learning management system which provides student learning resources in the form of readings, workbooks, slides, documents, videos, websites, quizzes, activities and assessments
  • Group workshops – face-to-face, teleconference and online
  • Work site visits
  • Personal mentoring with a tutor/assessor.

This course is designed to offer participants progressive improvement in their work practices. As such learning activities and assessment tasks are developed around real work experience and workplace projects, where possible.

Each unit of competency has standalone materials on the IBT website and standalone assessment tasks.

Qualification Pathways
IBT offer a pathway from the AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations to the AHC41016 Certificate IV in Agribusiness, the AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management and the AHC60316 Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management for successful graduates who meet the industry experience entry requirements.

ACH10 Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package is the framework for VET for those engaged in the agriculture and production horticulture industries. The Training Package supports a wide range of learning pathways. These include institution-based programs, workplace and school-based training, as well as other flexible combinations of workplace and off-the-job training and assessment.

Qualifications within ACH10 Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package can be achieved through a variety of pathways including new apprenticeships (traineeships), as illustrated in Volume 1 – Qualification Framework – of the Training Package.

Further advice about pathways and qualifications should be directed to the Agri-food Industry Skills Council on telephone 02 6163 7200 or email reception@agrifoodskills.net.au.


The program is delivered over a total duration of up to 12 months.

Face to face delivery and mentoring is conducted over 10 months, followed by a period for learners to collate their evidence and complete their formal assessment tasks. The additional time also allows learners to strengthen their understanding of the material presented and apply to the workplace where appropriate.

BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities and professional development
BSBADM504 – Plan and implement administrative systems
AHCWHS501 – Manage work health and safety processes
AHCNAR506 – Develop and implement sustainable land use strategies
AHCBUS507 – Monitor and review business performance
AHCBUS501 – Manage staff
AHCBUS508 – Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports
AHCBUS506 – Develop and review a business plan
BSBSMB403 – Market the small business
BSBREL502 – Build international business networks


VET Student Loans


IBT is currently offering VET Student Loans to students enrolling in the Diploma of Agribusiness Management (AHC51416) for April, May and June 2017.

Please refer to the following Schedule of Fees documents for dates and pricing:

What are VET Student Loans?

VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP, which ceased on 31 December 2016. IBT is approved to offer VET Student Loan enrolments up until 30th of June 2017.

VET Student Loans assist eligible students undertaking certain VET courses of study with an approved VET provider, to pay for all or part of their tuition costs. A VET provider is a registered training organisation that has been approved by the Australian Government to offer VET Student Loans to their students. You can read about VET Student Loans in detail on the Department of Education and Training website or download their VET Student Loans information booklet.

You can also download IBT’s VET Student Loan Information for Students document here.

Continuing students

If you started your course before 1 January 2017, before you return to study (attend any class or log in to continue your course), you must opt-in to continue your VET FEE-HELP loan. Read how to opt-in.


How do I apply for a VET Student Loan?


1. Request a VET Student Loan

To apply for a VET Student Loan, you must say that you wish to access this loan during the enrolment process. If you have already applied for your course, if you have accepted your offer, or if you are a continuing student in a VET Student Loan eligible course, you must request a VET Student Loan by contacting IBT. If you are eligible for a VET Student Loan you may apply at any time throughout your course, however the loan can only be approved for a cluster of units with a future census date. If you don’t already have a Tax File Number, you must apply for one from the ATO website.

2. Check your eligibility

As part of  our pre-enrolment process, IBT will assess your eligibility for a VET Student Loan. If you are not eligible, or if we do not have enough information or documentation to confirm your eligibility, we will discuss your options.

You are eligible for a VET Student Loan if you are enrolled in our VSL Diploma of Agribusiness Management and you meet all of the criteria listed below:


  • are an Australian citizen doing at least one unit of your course in Australia, or
  • hold a permanent humanitarian visa and will be living in Australia for the duration of your course, or
  • hold a New Zealand Special Category visa and meet the special eligibility requirements for New Zealand citizens

Academic Suitability

You must have completed Secondary School, confirmed by providing a copy of your Secondary School Certificate, OR

display competence at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy using an approved Literacy and Numeracy test and display that competence to the satisfaction of IBT OR

have completed a qualification that is AQF level Certificate IV or higher (If the qualification was not undertaken with IBT, you must provide a copy of the certificate) and have undertaken the qualification in English.

Other important information for the student

A VET Student Loan will not be approved for students who do not meet the eligibility requirements.

A VET student loan will give rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt owed to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.

You must:

  • be provided with VET Student Loan information by IBT prior to enrolment or applying for a VET Student Loan, and
  • indicate in your pre-enrolment application that you have read the VET Student Loan information.

Students who are under 18

IBT’s Diploma of Agribusiness is designed for mature learners in a management role. However, IBT recognises that if you are under 18 when requesting a VET Student Loan:

  • your VET Student Loan request must also be signed by a responsible parent, or
  • you have received Youth Allowance on the basis that you are independent, you may be required to provide evidence of this.

Loan entitlements

You must not have exceeded:

3. Notification from the government

If you are eligible for a VET Student Loan we will submit your request to the government via the Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF). They will communicate to you via your personal email, and provide you with an access code and link to eCAF.

4. Submit your eCAF

You must log into eCAF to submit your application for a VET Student Loan. You must read the VET Student Loans Information Booklet before you submit the eCAF. Once you submit your eCAF, you are considered to have consented to the VET Student Loan and IBT will defer any unpaid tuition fees for all clusters of units with a future census date, up to the course cap, unless you pay your fees before the census date or cancel the loan.

IBT will contact you if the government does not approve your loan.

VET Student Loan Procedures Manual

View our VET Student Loan Procedures Manual here

Australian Student Tuition Assurance Scheme (ASTAS)

View our Australian Student Tuition Assurance Scheme Statement here