AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations

The Certificate III in Rural Operations provides individuals in rural and regional areas with the skills and knowledge to work in industries associated with agriculture, horticulture and conservation land management, as well as local government, eco-tourism, hospitality and small business or social enterprises. For rural and regional workers, land-based workers and small business owners/partners, this course will provide the skills required to make a business or enterprise more sustainable.

This qualification is designed to develop and enhance a range of operational and administrative skills required for employment in rural or regional businesses, and is suitable for those who wish to start up a small business or social enterprise, or maintain an existing one. This course provides technical and applied business knowledge and skills to prepare participants for supervisory and management careers in rural and regional business.


Delivery Method
The program is delivered flexibly, so the learners can determine how quickly they work through the units and complete the program. The program is delivered using a blended learning mode. Blended learning means the student will access learning content and complete learning activities through a combination of modes, including:

  • IBT’s online learning management system which provides student learning resources in the form of readings, workbooks, slides, documents, videos, websites, quizzes, activities and assessments
  • Group workshops – face-to-face, teleconference and online
  • Work site visits
  • Personal mentoring with a tutor/assessor.

This course is designed to offer participants progressive improvement in their work practices. As such learning activities and assessment tasks are developed around real work experience and workplace projects, where possible.

While each unit of competency has standalone materials on the IBT website and standalone assessment tasks, the program is designed to be delivered and assessed in sequential blocks as follows (colours correspond to the competencies identified in the previous table):

  • Effectively using technology
  • Marketing for improvement
  • Quality improvement
  • Working safely and effectively
  • Efficient internal operations

Qualification Pathways
IBT offer a pathway from the AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations to the AHC41016 Certificate IV in Agribusiness, the AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management and the AHC60316 Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management for successful graduates who meet the industry experience entry requirements.

ACH10 Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package is the framework for VET for those engaged in the agriculture and production horticulture industries. The Training Package supports a wide range of learning pathways. These include institution-based programs, workplace and school-based training, as well as other flexible combinations of workplace and off-the-job training and assessment.

Qualifications within ACH10 Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package can be achieved through a variety of pathways including new apprenticeships (traineeships), as illustrated in Volume 1 – Qualification Framework – of the Training Package.

Further advice about pathways and qualifications should be directed to the Agri-food Industry Skills Council on telephone 02 6163 7200 or email reception@agrifoodskills.net.au.

You may be eligible for a government-subsidised training place in Victoria.

To ascertain if you are eligible to receive government funding please call 03 5472 4126You will be required to attend a meeting to identify your eligibility.

You can also use the link below to receive an indication if you may be eligible to recieve a government subsidesed placement.
However we will confirm this at the pre-training review.

Eligibility Indicator

The program is delivered over a total duration of 12 months.

Face to face delivery and mentoring is conducted over 9 months, followed by a period for learners to collate their evidence and complete their formal assessment tasks. The additional time also allows learners to strengthen their understanding of the material presented and apply to the workplace where appropriate.


AHCBUS301 – Use hand held e-business tools
ICTICT103 – Use, communicate and search securely on the internet
BSBITU306 – Design and produce business documents
BSBITU404 – Produce complex desktop published documents
BSBSMB403 – Market the small business
AHCWRK204 – Work effectively in the industry
AHCWRK306 – Comply with industry quality assurance requirements
AHCWRK309 – Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
AHCWHS301 – Contribute to work health and safety processes
AHCWRK303 – Respond to emergencies
AHCWRK305 – Coordinate work site activities
TAEDEL301 – Provide work skill instruction
AHCWRK205 – Participate in workplace communications
AHCAGB301 – Keep production records for a primary production business
ICTICT208 – Operate accounting applications
ICTICT206 – Install software applications